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After learning the propaganda devices from famous World War 2 posters, your students will make their own persuasive poster to promote a positive behavior to address a real life school problem.

Interested in trying out Project-Based Learning but get overwhelmed quickly?

This plug-and-play mini unit teaches, reinforces, and quizzes your students on common propaganda devices, then has them analyze several posters, writing in-depth about one with scaffolding along the way. Then challenges them to put their skill set to work immediately creating a poster to address a perennial high school issue like: being tardy, bullying, and littering.

Let your principal decide whose poster has the winning message to transform your school’s culture!


Greatness is spotting persuasive devices at work, weighing their message appropriately, and knowing when and how to use them for good.

World War II was the U.S.’s greatest fight of the 1900s. Though fighting was “over there,” Americans back home wanted to do their part. And there was so much to do!

The U.S. Government issued countless posters conveying all sorts of messages to an eager and patriotic audience, unsure and unfamiliar with what they could do to support the cause.

Cut through the boring textbook and head straight to the compelling sources that make learning real and immediately relevant, challenging your students to wonder, “How can I effectively persuade the behavior of others?”

Included are:
- Detailed overview and lesson plans for each activity
- 1-page definition sheet for the concept “propaganda”
- 2-page Propaganda Devices handout
- Card cut-outs for matching game activity of 12 selected devices
- 18 color posters to choose among
- 2-page Propaganda Poster Analysis sheet
- 2-page Extending Written Analysis sheet with Rubrics (CCSS-aligned and generic)
- 1-page Extended Written Analysis Template
- 2-page Create My Own Poster Project sheets with directions, planning questions, reflection questions, and rubrics (CCSS-aligned and generic)
- BONUS PowerPoint file will all 18 high-resolution posters


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