Short Essay On Save Fuel

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Short Essay on 'Fuel' (200 Words)

Short Essay on 'Fuel' (200 Words)
'Fuel' is any substance used to produce heat and energy through a chemical or nuclear reaction. The energy is used by the conversion of a portion of the fuels mass. In India, we are suffering a severe fuel crises. In view of this, the Petroleum Conservation Research Association is encouraging fuel conservation. Our goal should be to reduce gasoline consumption progressively each year.

Fuel serves as a major part of our energy requirement. Petroleum, a major fuel is widely used in our everyday lives and also used to power automobiles, produce containers and to keep us warm. All plastic is made from it and used in cars, houses, computers, paraffin wax, paints and pharmaceuticals, at times it is also used as a solvent found in large quantities below the surface of the Earth and is used as fuel and raw material in the chemical industry.

Conserving energy and fuel makes sense on different levels. It is wise to turn off your car at traffic signals, minimize the use of brakes and encourage car pooling. Spread awareness for fuel conservation amongst your friends and relatives. There are three areas where the motorist can save fuel- proper maintenance, efficient driving habits and intelligent purchase of a vehicle. One of the best ways to save fuel is to reduce speed, as speed increases, fuel economy decreases exponentially. Tyre pressure and car's dirty air filter should be checked, if not, it could harm its performance and economy. Petrol is also called black gold.


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We live in age of energy crisis. Oil is one of the major sources of energy that we use. It is a fact known to all of us that oil is not going to last much longer. Therefore we must use it carefully and wisely without wasting even a drop of it. There are many ways in which we can save oil. Avoid using personal vehicles as far as possible. Use a common vehicle to commute. This can be easily done by car pools. Walk or ride a bicycle for short distance. The gas burner in the kitchen should be turned off when it is not being used. Do not keep the dishes immediately on the stove after taking out from the refrigerator. Let it come to the room temperature. Use only as much water as required while cooking dishes. More gas is consumed if there is more water. Maintain your vehicle in good condition so that it consumes less fuel. Also while driving, switch off when you have to wait for more than two minutes at the Red Lights. TheseĀ  are some of the ways to save oil and thus save energy.

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