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Traditional education has benefited many students. It is a fact that traditional education is the best mode of education but it also has some drawbacks which can be eliminated with proper planning and implementation on these policies. In this article Essay Mania – Essay Writing Service Company try to define advantages and disadvantages of traditional education.


  1. Active Learning

Traditional education is an active mode of learning. Students learn quickly in the classroom. The one on one student teacher interaction helps students to actively learn the lessons delivered by the teacher. This is the most prominent feature of traditional education.

  1. Active Participation of Students and teachers

Students actively take part in the classroom activities. They help other students in study related matters. They ask questions from teachers if they have any problem in studies. Active participation is very essential for having clear understanding of the theories discussed in the classroom.

  1. Communication

There is a good communication between students and teachers and between students. This is very essential for boosting up the confidence level of students. A good communication makes students good communicators and teacher s also feel competent after getting feedback from students.

  1. Recreational Activities

The regular recreational activities refresh students and they get some relief from the stress of studies. They enjoy and have fun due to these recreational activities. These activities are useful besides studies.

  1. Scheduled

The best part of traditional education is that it is scheduled and is properly carried out. The timetable and duration of lectures are all scheduled. This helps in making students disciplined and civilized.


  1. Spoon Feeding

Students are always dependent on their teachers in every study related matter. This makes them dependent on teachers. This trait suppresses the creative side of their personality and they never get to know their strengths.

  1. Favoritism

Teachers show favoritism, which destroys the personalities of the left out students. They feel incompetent and worth less. This attitude develops inferior feelings in other students. The teachers must treat all the students equally.

  1. Extracurricular Activities distort students

When there are more extracurricular activities, then students feel difficulty in concentrating on their studies. They are absorbed with the things affecting their educational performance. It is difficult for students to keep balance between studies and extracurricular activities.

  1. Negative Groups

There are chances that students get indulged in the negative groups. The negative group destroys student’s academics and his personality is also affected by associating with these negative groups. These negative factors are nurturing without being noticed.

  1. Costly

Traditional education is costly. The tuition fee is very high. Moreover, the course books and other school things are quite expensive. It costs so much. Parents have to face difficulty in paying tuition fee and other expenses of schools.

These were some of the benefits and disadvantages of traditional education system. It is good in training students but it is not guaranteed that all students get the equal attention of their teachers. Traditional education is also very expensive.

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The Advantages of American Educational System

Parents and the older generation Americans always complain about the
educational system of the country. They assert that their children's knowledge
and skills are below average as compared to their counterparts in other
countries. The American educational system is not inferior to other systems in
any other way. Instead, it is just teaching some other factors that are
considered more significant than simply basic knowledge and skills. The American
educational system tries to develop freedom and creativity among its students.
From an American point of view, only in this way can the students contribute
maximally to the future society.
Freedom is the trademark of America. Americans are admired by people in
other countries because they have the freedom to do whatever they wish without
worrying about the negative consequences. Therefore, the American educational
system must be in congruence with this trademark. According to this system,
children can learn effectively only when they are allowed to explore freely with
their ideas, "without this they will not really be able to think or believe in
themselves" . When children are forced to memorize some materials, they will
remember the materials for a few days. However, they would have forgotten
everything after a summer vacation. On the other hand, when children are
allowed to think of their own ways of learning the concepts, they will tend to
remember them longer and apply them appropriately since they are their own ideas.
In addition to promoting freedom, the American educational system also
fosters creativity among its students. The system believes that brilliant and
bright students are those students that have creative and unique ideas. In
order to develop creativity, it neglects good academic performance that most
systems treasure and tries to promote creativity among students and place
academic performance on the second place. An example of how different systems
teach the plays of Shakespeare demonstrates the point. The traditional system
would require students to memorize Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy
without any mistakes. Under the influence of the American system, however,
students are assigned to write a love letter to Juliet instead of straight
memorization. In this way, students are encouraged to express their ideas with
creativity and hence promote the atmosphere that learning is indeed a fun
All in all, one can say that the American educational system is
different from other educational systems. However, one cannot express the idea
that the American system is worse than any other system. This is because the
different systems are promoting very different concerns for their students and
it is this difference that causes many critics to label the American system as
inferior. Contrary to most systems, the American educational system develops
freedom and creativity among its students. The system is convinced that this
will help promote success in the students' future. Also, it is not going to
change its teaching method in spite of the strong criticism it had received.


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